Yoga On Water

              Combining Fitness, Breath and Water

                                    to Build Strength, Healing and Balance.


Fight Stress & Find Serenity

                 Where Michele  is teaching:

Take your yoga practice to another level. Increase your balance, tone  and strengthen your core. Deepen flexibility, and improve balance and coordination while eliminating the harsh impacts on your body.

                         Woodman Hills

                       Recreation Center

      9205 Meridian Ranch Blvd, Peyton, CO 80831

                  Yoga/Fitness on the Water


                       12:30 pm and 2:00 pm

                      Eighteenth Element       

                     5050 EDISON AVENUE STE      

              115 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, 80915

                              Ocean Flow

    Thursday’s 9:30 am And Sunday’s 8:00 am

                              Quail Lake

.                    1hour SUP/Yoga

               Wed’s through September

                    10:00 am-11:00 am

               All equipment provided

                    Must call to reserve spot









​"Absolutely magical! You must try SUP Yoga with Michelle and Michael. In just a few short minutes of instruction you are up and on the board. There was plenty of time to get acclimated before actual yoga and a little play time after class. Being on the water was peaceful and filled my heart with joy!

​Stephanie Patterson, WA.

​"This was a beautiful experience! I had no prior experience and i still managed to do pretty well. The people were very kind and informative, i would do it again and again!This was a beautiful experience! 

​Tara Goble, WA

June 2016 Yoga on Water was launched! Colorado Springs very own Floating SUP/Yoga Studio. Combining my love of water and my love for Yoga and Fitness. And my desire to work together with my students and share with others in their Yoga practice, Paddle boarding and Self-care and  helping to heal wounds, including Physical, mental and emotional. Sharing the essence of Mindful Meditation. Finding freedom from within ourselves and connecting with the infinite source of inspiration that arises from within. 


​719-421-9221  •  Get Directions

"Amazing experience, wonderful instructors beautiful setting. I loved the class size and the equipment was only the best. Recommend highly for all levels novice to expert"

​Linda Higginson, WA.

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More Teacher Trainings Coming Soon!!

Yoga on the water is about combining fitness, breath and water to build strength, healing and balance. Utilizing the sport of Stand-up Paddleboarding with your Yoga practice or your Fitness routines and taking them to the water to increase the strength, balance, flexibility and coordination in the body and mind. Increasing the benefits of your physical health, while easing stress on the muscles and joints.